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A Leading Clinic For Women's Health Physiotherapy

Many women aren’t aware of the impact pregnancy can have on the body. This is partly because few in the past wished to talk about such matters.

We’re also bombarded with unrealistic images of celebrities who have seemingly instantly recovered after giving birth. The reality is giving birth is both an incredible and often tricky experience- and it’s different for everyone.

At our women’s health physiotherapy clinic, we help women struggling with a range of different problems.

Over the past few years, more women have been open about the effects pregnancy has on their bodies. Things are finally changing- and putting less pressure on women to recover at an unrealistic pace. We want to be a part of that.

Whether you’re struggling from pelvic pain, urine loss or flabby belly, PelviCare is committed to helping women prepare and recover from pregnancy.

We wish to educate and empower women, helping them to prepare for birth and recover much quicker afterwards.

One of our main missions is to raise your awareness of the importance of your pelvic floor and your abdominals. Our women’s physiotherapy clinic in Greenwich welcomes patients from across the city.

Our work includes diagnosing pelvic health and pregnancy related conditions, including diastasis recti and other musculoskeletal complaints.

If you’re looking for experts in women’s health, find out more about PelviCare today. Or contact our team for more information.