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A Top Clinic For Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy In London

Did you know that your pelvic floor plays a crucial role during pregnancy?

Consisting of a group of muscles and tissues, it supports the growing uterus and your developing baby. Located at the bottom of the pelvis, it forms a hammock-like structure that supports the organs in the pelvic region. 

The pelvis floor plays a big role in urinary and bowel control, problems of which can arise during pregnancy. Physiotherapy is a good way to prevent issues like incontinence arising. 

Expert physiotherapy before and after labour. 

Pelvic floor therapy is brilliant for helping you to learn to relax and prepare for labour. It can also assist with postpartum recovery, with many women experiencing pelvic floor issues during this time, including weakened muscles. 

Stay in excellent shape after birth. 

Pelvic floor therapy can not only aid your recovery but help prevent long-term problems. When it’s in a healthy condition, you’re less likely to have issues like a pelvic organ prolapse, where organs like the uterus, bladder, or rectum descend into the vagina due to weakened pelvic floor support.

Our physiotherapists specialise in women's health and provide personalised guidance and exercises tailored to your individual needs.

Find out more about our pelvic floor physiotherapy in London or contact our team for more information.