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Are You Seeking Expert Physiotherapy Treatments For Diastasis?

Rectus diastasis is one of the many pregnancy-related conditions we can help with at our clinic in Greenwich.

Rectus diastasis (or Diastasis rectus) refers to the partial or complete separation of the rectus abdominis. Unfortunately, it’s highly common during and following pregnancy. This is thanks to the uterus stretching the muscles in the abdomen to accommodate the growing baby.

This condition has been linked to symptoms like lower back pain, constipation and incontinence. It might also cause difficulties with breathing and movement, while in rare cases someone might form a hernia.

Physiotherapy treatments ideal for the treatment of Rectus diastasis.

There are various exercises which can help with this issue. It’s

important to avoid particular activities which put strain on the midline

or cause the belly to bulge outwards, such as crunches and what’s known

as ‘front planks’. PelviCare offers expert physiotherapy treatments to help women with both antenatal and postnatal conditions.

Whether you need help preparing the pelvic floor for birth, getting back into sport after birth, or require support after gynaecological surgery, our expert team is keen to provide the support you need. We can provide advice on the best ways to recover from this and other conditions.

If you’re looking to book physiotherapy treatments for a pregnancy-related condition, discover more about PelviCare or simply contact our team today.