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Book A Mummy MOT With A Qualified Physiotherapist

PelviCare offers expert ‘MOTs’ for women at many important stages in their life, including during pregnancy, following birth and during the menopause. 

A Mummy MOT is an increasingly popular postnatal assessment that’s already gained traction in other European countries, including France.You’ll find that many women’s health clinics now offer Mummy MOTs following birth to help support your physical and mental recovery.

Contrary to misconceptions, you don’t have to have an assessment immediately after birth. You can even have a mummy MOT years after the event! Initial consultations last for around one hour but might last longer depending on your situation.

PelviCare has a team of highly experienced physiotherapists who deliver bespoke treatment plans. 

Our practice was founded by Chartered Physiotherapist Magdalena who qualified with a Masters of Physiotherapy degree in 2011. She began her physiotherapy career with a mix of private practice and hospital placement and has over a decade of experience in this industry.

Choose PelviCare for your Mummy MOT and you’ll always enjoy the finest standards of treatment.

If you’re looking for expert physiotherapists for your Mummy MOT, find out more about PelviCare or contact our friendly team today.