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Book A Mummy MOT With Our Experts In London

Becoming a mother is a special time but it’s not always easy! From being deprived of sleep to the shock of losing your old life, it can be overwhelming for many women.

One thing that makes it more difficult is struggling with health issues after birth. Unsurprisingly, women often don’t feel their best following such a strenuous process.

Body changes are common during this time, many of which often aren’t spoken about openly. For instance, issues with the wrist and thumb often occur, but this isn’t always well-known.

Here at PelviCare, we help women struggling with a range of issues at our clinic in London, with our services including the popular post-natal examination known as ‘The Mummy MOT’.

A Mummy MOT is a 90-minute long assessment of any physical problems arising from pregnancy and birth.

We all want to feel our best in order to give our child the love and care they need. Many women have issues following pregnancy, especially issues with the pelvic floor, which comes under intense pressure while giving birth.

After this assessment, our experts can create a treatment plan to help get you back on track.

We also offer a Pregnancy MOT which helps women to prepare for giving birth.

If you’re interested in booking a Mummy MOT in London, find out more about PelviCare or contact our team today.