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Book A Postnatal Assessment Mummy MOT

The postnatal period is important both for your future health and the wellbeing of your baby. Women must have the right support in order to feel their best following a birth. After all, this is a time of adjustment, whether you’re a new mother or are having a second or third child.

Most experts define the postnatal period as lasting for 6 weeks after your little-one arrives.

A Mummy MOT is a postnatal assessment and rehabilitation treatment that checks how your posture, pelvic floor muscles and stomach muscles are healing. After an assessment, interventions to speed up your recovery if you are still feeling uncomfortable or experiencing pain.

PelviCare regularly carry out Mummy MOTs and postnatal physiotherapy treatments at our friendly clinic in Greenwich.

The postnatal assessment lasts for around 90 minutes and will include an in-depth check of your pelvic floor strength and tummy gap. We can also assess any other physical problems which have arisen during pregnancy or birth.

Our experts will then create a recovery programme that helps you to meet your lifestyle and fitness goals in the year ahead like for example returning to running or weightlifting after having a baby.

This might include safe postnatal exercises that will improve your stability, posture and core strength.

We deliver both postnatal and antenatal physiotherapy treatments at our clinic in Greenwich. Whatever your unique concerns, our friendly team is always happy to talk you through the procedures we have available.

Find out more about a Mummy MOT or don’t hesitate to book an appointment at our clinic today.