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Book A Pregnancy Or Mummy MOT At A London Clinic

A pregnancy assessment, also known as a prenatal assessment or prenatal care, can be beneficial for numerous reasons.

For starters it can ensure that your physical health and wellbeing are in good order. A Pregnancy MOT is a chance to manage any health issues that may arise during this time. Having regular prenatal assessments helps to detect and address potential complications early on. 

It also means you can receive guidance, education, and support from a professional. PelviCare can teach mothers about healthy lifestyle choices, nutrition, exercise, and emotional well-being during pregnancy.

PelviCare offers both Pregnancy and Mummy MOT assessments which support you throughout your journey. 

A Pregnancy MOT can help prepare you for labour. 

It’s natural to feel trepidation about the birth, whether it’s your first child or not. Prenatal care includes discussions about delivery options, pain management, and birth plans. It helps women prepare for the childbirth experience and understand their choices. This will help you ensure you have a healthy birth and reduce the risk of complications afterwards. 

You will also receive support at what's often an emotional time of your life.  Prenatal care can offer support and resources to address mental health issues during pregnancy.

Mummy MOT assessments support you after birth. 

PelviCare can also provide exceptional postpartum care, with a Mummy MOT helping you address any health issues you experience. This postnatal assessment can take place at any point after birth, even if it’s years afterwards. 

Find out more about booking a Pregnancy or Mummy MOT or simply contact our team for more details.