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Contact Our Team For Professional Postnatal Physiotherapy

It’s not surprising if your body needs some help to recover after giving birth. It’s put under pressure both during the nine months of pregnancy and the physical strain of the birthing process.

Many women find themselves experiencing a range of symptoms, from common complaints like a bad back, or those which are less talked about (but still highly common), such as pelvic floor issues.

Whether you need support during the antenatal or postnatal period, PelviCare would love to hear from you.

Perfect for new mums in Greenwich, where our clinic is based, PelviCare delivers both expert antenatal and postnatal physiotherapy. As you will see from our testimonials, we help our clients with a wide range of issues, from lower back pain and diastasis recti to issues related to blocked ducts.

Professional physiotherapy treatments for women pregnant or recovering after birth.

We pride ourselves on offering both physical and psychological support during this special time in your life. Highly recommended by previous customers, our physiotherapy sessions are just one of the many treatments we offer.

No matter if you need a detailed Mummy MOT or are looking to have a scar tissue massage, our clinic in Greenwich is dedicated to taking care of you. We’re committed to helping you feel your absolute best.

If you’re interested in our postnatal physiotherapy sessions, don’t hesitate to contact our team for more details.