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Discover The Mummy MOT: A Highly Recommended Postnatal Assessment

Want to ensure you’re feeling your best following birth?

Whether you had a vaginal and caesarean delivery, or it’s 6 weeks or 8 weeks after birth, a Mummy MOT could be a great idea. Founded by physiotherapist Maria Elliott, this postnatal assessment is already common in countries like France. It’s now rapidly becoming sought-after here in the UK.

This service is one of our most popular at our clinic in Greenwich, which attracts pregnant and new mothers across the UK. We are also a great choice for anyone seeking antenatal or postnatal physiotherapy, treatments and support of all kinds.

What conditions do we help with at our clinic in London?

Our team helps women with a wide range of conditions, including diastasis recti, pelvic floor issues, problems with breastfeeding, and soreness in the wrists and thumbs. The latter is also known as ‘mother’s thumb’: De Quervain's tenosynovitis, and is one of the lesser known conditions during and after pregnancy.

Meanwhile, problems with the mother’s wrist is often commonly known as ‘carpal tunnel syndrome’ and is caused by repetitive overuse.

Whatever issues you might be suffering from related to pregnancy or the birth, PelviCare offers exceptional support for mothers in London. Our services also include Pregnancy MOTs which prepare you for giving birth and what the delivery will bring.

Find out more about the postnatal Mummy MOT assessment or contact us for more details.