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Effective Relief For Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back pain is usually worse in the early stages of pregnancy. So much so, it can be one of the earliest signs for those who don’t realise they’re pregnant. 

During this time, the ligaments in your body become softer and stretch to prepare you for labour. This can lead to strain on the lower back and pelvis. If you are in your second or third trimester and have bad back pain, this could be a sign of early labour. In such cases, it’s important to contact a doctor as soon as possible. 

A highly common problem, back pain can be mitigated by taking a number of measures. 

For instance, making sure you have a good mattress, wearing flat shoes to distribute your weight, and bending both knees and keeping a straight back when lifting. Massages and warm baths can also provide relief for back pain during pregnancy. 

If you’re struggling with more extreme pain, PelviCare offers expert treatments for this and many other problems. That includes pelvic floor issues, which are also extremely common. For issues like back pain we can offer expert advice and physiotherapy

We provide exceptional support for women during and after pregnancy. 

Our clinic in Greenwich is also ideal for anyone who needs help going through the menopause. It’s our job to make you feel your best during the most important times of your life.

If you need treatments for back pain during pregnancy, find out more about PelviCare or contact our team today.