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Enjoy Exceptional Antenatal And Postnatal Physiotherapy

Pregnancy is a unique journey for every woman and brings many unexpected surprises along the way. Some are less welcome than others, such as pelvic pain, a flabby belly and incontinence.

Whether you’re seeking antenatal or postnatal treatments, PelviCare would love to be a part of your journey. Specialising in women’s health physiotherapy, we look to empower women and help them gain confidence during this time of their life.

Physiotherapy sessions tailored to your needs.

We deliver a wide range of treatments at our clinics in Moorgate and Greenwich, including antenatal and postnatal physiotherapy. Our work includes carrying out professional assessments for conditions like diastasis recti and other other pregnancy related musculoskeletal complaints.

No matter if you’re having a difficult pregnancy or need help recovering after a birth, PelviCare helps with many different disorders, including issues with the pelvic area. Physiotherapy can be an excellent way to strengthen your pelvic floor and reduce issues like bladder problems. We look to improve or eliminate your symptoms.

Our team also regularly prepares women to give birth, which can be intimidating even if you’ve done it before! We can do this by preparing the pelvic floor. This part of your body comes under great strain when giving birth, so regular exercise can strengthen it significantly.

If you’re looking for experts in antenatal and postnatal physiotherapy, find out more about PelviCare and how we can support you. Or simply get in touch for more information.