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Experts In Physiotherapy For Pelvic Girdle Pain

Pregnancy and giving birth brings many unexpected things, some pleasant, others not so much! It’s also a unique journey for every single woman.

Some ladies experience cravings for unusual foods, others find their feet become bigger, while some of us suffer from more extreme mood swings. One of the biggest effects pregnancy has on the body is on the pelvic floor area, which comes under intense pressure during the process. 

Pelvic girdle pain is just one of the types of discomfort women often experience in this area.

When the joints linking the bones surrounding your body at the base of the spine become stiff or stuck out of alignment, it leads to muscle weakness and pain. This condition is estimated to affect around 20% of women while carrying a child.

Pain located on the front of your pelvis, known as symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD, often feels the worst when you’re doing activities like climbing the stairs, getting in and out of the bath, and other actions similar to these.

Although it often goes away once your baby is born, having physiotherapy during pregnancy can help to ease the pain. Here at PelviCare we offer a range of treatments, including physiotherapy, for a number of conditions during and after pregnancy.

If you’re looking for specialists in physiotherapy who help with pelvic girdle pain, please contact our team for more information.