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How Physio Can Help With Back Pain During Pregnancy

Many women experienced back pain during pregnancy for a number of reasons.

For starters, your body’s posture and weight distribution changes during this time. You also undergo hormonal changes, including those which relax the ligaments in the pelvis and affect the stability of the spine. 

As your abdomen grows, the added weight also places more stress on the lower back. 

Muscle imbalances due to changes in levels of activity and your growing baby also contribute towards back pain. 

Physiotherapy addresses such issues in a number of ways. 

Firstly, one of our physiotherapists can teach you techniques related to posture, which can minimise strain on your back. Another way to help with your posture is to use a maternity belt or brace.

Secondly, they can provide you with tailored exercise to strengthen your core, back and pelvic floor muscles. This will provide improved support to the spine. Our team at PelviCare can also use manual therapy techniques like massages to relieve pain and tension. 

Thirdly, physiotherapy contributes towards the rehabilitation of your pelvic floor. This not only helps with back pain but prepares the muscles for giving birth. Our qualified physiotherapists are highly experienced when it comes to working with pregnant women and will tailor a programme that addresses your exact needs. 

Before contacting a clinic like PelviCare, it can help to talk to your GP to ensure physiotherapy is a safe choice for your particular condition. 

Find out more about our antenatal and postnatal physiotherapy in London or contact our team today.