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Learn More about Birth Preparation from our Experts

Preparing for childbirth can make you more physically and emotionally ready for the event. 

There are a number of ways you can prepare for birth, which our team at our clinic in Greenwich can help you with. 

We’re also always happy to answer any questions you have and ensure you’re less anxious about what to expect. Our team can also enlighten you with the types of physical changes you can expect (and how to avoid them if possible!).

What exercises should I do during pregnancy?

Maintaining a strong core is key for recovering post-delivery. Pelvic floor exercises are also an important step in preparing your body for birth, and preventing issues like incontinence afterwards. 

Our services include a Pregnancy MOT which can take place any time between your 12 week scan to your due date. After delivery we recommend. After this, we recommend our Mummy MOT. 

We have a team of specialist physiotherapists who can assess your alignment, then suggest various means of avoiding or lessening pelvic girdle pain, lower back pain, and other common postnatal conditions. A Pregnancy MOT is suitable if you’re also having a C-section.

Our physiotherapists will always recommend exercises which help you maintain muscle strength so you can avoid issues like diastasis recti. Up to a third of mothers suffer from this problem, which is often known as ‘tummy gap’. 

If you’re looking for experts in birth preparation, simply contact us to make an appointment.