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Looking For Experienced Pelvic Floor Specialists In London?

While your baby is growing and developing, your pelvic floor is changing at the same time. These muscles work much harder during pregnancy, because they’re required to support the weight of your baby.

Pregnancy places a great deal of strain on your pelvic floor muscles, overstretching and weakening them. That’s why pelvic floor exercises can be so helpful. They can strengthen your muscles so it makes labour easier for both you and your baby.

If you have weak pelvic floor muscles, you might find it’s more common to experience leakages when you sneeze, cough or strain.

Our specialists at PelviCare support women with a wide range of pelvic floor issues, including stress incontinence.

This is the most common type of leakage, which is caused by physical stress on your bladder.

We also regularly help with pelvic organ prolapses which occur when one or more organs slip out of their usual positions. Our pelvic floor specialists can offer expert advice to help you avoid these common issues and reduce any existing symptoms.

PelviCare supports women both before and during pregnancy, with our team having many years of experience treating pelvic floor issues after birth. With our safe and effective exercises it’s much easier to recover after birth. Many treatments only take a few minutes every day but are highly effective.

If you’re looking to connect with pelvic floor specialists in London, find out more about PelviCare today. Or simply contact our team for more information.