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Need Physio For Back Pain Caused By Pregnancy?

Back pain during pregnancy is highly common, particularly during the early stages.

There is significant strain put on the joints of the lower back and pelvis when carrying a child. Furthermore, during this time, the ligaments of your body naturally become softer and stretch in order to prepare you for labour.

Physiotherapy can be effective for reducing the symptoms of pregnancy-related back pain. Massages and warm baths can also be helpful, along with avoiding lifting heavy objects, getting enough rest and using maternity support pillows.

PelviCare offers a range of treatments, including physiotherapy and massages, to treat a number of conditions.

Whether you’re struggling with back pain or pelvic floor issues, our team loves supporting women during and after pregnancy.

We help you use physio exercises to keep your body in maximum shape. Our team wants to help you be emotionally and physically ready to support yourself and your child.

Our antenatal and postnatal physiotherapy are particularly ideal for patients suffering from disorders and problems related to the pelvis area, the pelvic floor, the abdominals and within the OB-GYN sphere.

No matter what issues you’re struggling with, you’re welcome at our clinic in Greenwich, London.

If you’re looking to have professional physio for back pain, find out more about PelviCare today. Or simply drop us a line.