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Need Relief For Back Pain During Your Pregnancy?

Back pain during pregnancy is particularly common during the early stages. Both during and after pregnancy, it’s important to take care of yourself, including sitting in ergonomic chairs that provide the right support. 

Expert physiotherapy sessions like those we offer at our clinic in Greenwich are excellent for supporting your physical and mental health during this time. We also offer various services during and after pregnancy, including professional massages.

Other common issues during pregnancy include constipation, which also often occurs during the early stages.  

This is generally caused by the hormonal changes that occur. Drinking plenty of water and consuming fibre is crucial for tackling such discomfort. Incontinence is also another often reported complication before and afterwards. Exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles are one of the best ways to ameliorate this issue.

Cramps are another problem that many women experience, which is why regular gentle exercise is important. Our team is always happy to advise on the best exercises for your particular requirements. 

Back pain is just one of the conditions we provide treatments for at PelviCare. 

We can provide tailored treatment plans that take into account all the unique challenges you face. Our team can also give exceptional support during the postnatal period.

If you need advice for back pain relief during pregnancy, find out more about our clinic today. Or get in touch for more information.