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Physiotherapy For The Postnatal Period

Just like pregnancy is a unique journey for every woman, so is the postnatal period, with many women struggling with various issues during this time.

Some women find they have issues with their pelvic floor following pregnancy, which can have a huge impact on their confidence and sense of well-being. Having a baby changes a woman’s body and can cause such issues as a leaky bladder (incontinence) and back pain, both of which are not permanent and can be treated by women’s health physiotherapist. 

If you’re experiencing have a leaky bladder or a heavy feeling between your vagina and anus, you may need to strengthen the muscles around your bladder by doing pelvic floor exercises. Physiotherapy is an excellent way to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles during the post-natal period.

Pelvi Care offers a variety of antenatal and postnatal treatments for women, including physiotherapy to assist with a wide range of problems.

Conditions we help with include pelvic girdle pain (sacroiliac pain SIJ, pubic symphysis pain SPD, coccyx pain), lower back and neck pain, discomfort from caesarean scars, bladder and bowel incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, chronic pelvic pain and pain or discomfort during sexual intercourse. 

Treatments include visceral mobilisation, hypopressives exercises, Kinesiotaping, scar management, pregnancy massages and much more. Our expert physiotherapist has nearly ten years of experience in many areas of physiotherapy such as orthopaedics, neurology and sports physiotherapy.

If you need physiotherapy for postnatal conditions in Greenwich and Moorgate, don’t hesitate to find out more about our clinic today.