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Physiotherapy To Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor In London

Exercises that promote a strong pelvic floor can make giving birth easier. Strengthening the muscles will help you ease your baby out during labour, along with speeding up your recovery after the birth.

This means less stress for you, and for the baby. It can also reduce the risk of common issues in incontinence. You can find out how the pelvic floor works on our website, where we have plenty of information.

We appreciate that pelvic floor issues can have a huge impact on your life. Problems women often have include incontinence, reduced bowel control, back pain and loss of sexual sensation. Fortunately, physiotherapy can be highly effective in keeping muscles strong and supple. Maintaining a healthy weight, eating a well balanced diet and getting plenty of rest also make a difference.

With our physiotherapy sessions, it’s much easier to prepare and recover from giving birth. Based in Greenwich, London, our clinic attracts women from across the city.

PelviCare supports mothers before and after pregnancy with issues related to the pelvic floor. That includes girdle pain such as sacroiliac pain (SIJ), pubic symphysis pain (SPD), and coccyx pain.

Our physiotherapy sessions in London are ideal for both the antenatal and postnatal period. Highly experienced, our team is committed to empowering women, giving the knowledge to have more control over their body.

If you’re seeking physiotherapy experts in London, contact our team for more details.