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Physiotherapy Treatments At Our Women’s Health Clinic In Greenwich

Physiotherapy is designed to help restore movement and function, whether following injury or after a big event like giving birth. Benefits of seeing a physiotherapy include reducing levels of pain, improving your strength and helping you avoid being out of action for longer than necessary.

It can therefore be ideal for helping mothers recover in the first few months after pregnancy. Physiotherapy can also help prepare you for birth, by ensuring your pelvic floor muscles are as strong as possible and to support you during the menopause.

Women can benefit from physiotherapy at many stages of their life, including during and after pregnancy, and during the menopause. It can help you deal with common issues like problems with the pelvic floor and a wide range of other health issues.

PelviCare deliver tailored antenatal, postnatal and menopausal physiotherapy practices at our clinic in London.

Conditions we can help with include pelvic girdle pain, coccydynia, low back and neck pain, rib and mid back pain, bladder and bowel incontinence, mastitis, pelvic organ prolapses and much more.

Whether you want to prepare your pelvic floor for birth or want to get back into sports after the delivery, PelviCare offers exceptional care. We always tailor treatments to reflect your needs, with our services including Mummy MOTs. This is a 90-minute postnatal assessment that includes an in-depth check of pelvic floor strength and tummy gap.

Find out more about our women’s physiotherapy clinic in Greenwich or contact our team for more information.