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Professional Physiotherapy For Empowering Women

Because the experience is often romanticised, many women aren’t aware of how pregnancy will affect their body. Bringing a new child into the world is incredible, but it also comes with its difficulties.

Many women are embarrassed to talk about what are often highly common problems. Issues like urine loss and a flabby belly can be distressing if you don’t have the right support. PelviCare not only offers expert physiotherapy but a wide range of other treatments at our clinic in Greenwich.

We help women to gain confidence after having a child.

Education is crucial for ensuring women not only know what to expect, but they’re well prepared for giving birth and recovering afterwards. For instance, pelvic floor exercises can actually make the process of giving birth easier.

One of our main aims is to raise your awareness about the importance of your pelvic floor and your abdominals.

Professional physiotherapy is one of the best ways to prepare and recover after pregnancy. Our work includes helping women with pregnancy related conditions like diastasis recti and other musculoskeletal complaints.

Physiotherapy sessions are ideal for a range of disorders and problems related to the pelvis area, the pelvic floor, the abdominals and within the OB-GYN sphere. Our private clinic welcomes women from across London to our clinic in Greenwich. Why not read our frequently asked questions and answers for more details?

If you’re interested in our expert women’s physiotherapy in Greenwich, simply contact our team for more information.