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Professional Physiotherapy Treatments For Women

Are you struggling with lower back or neck pain? Or do you need help strengthening your pelvic floor muscles?

Just as every woman is unique, every journey towards motherhood is different, including the effect on your body.

Some women find that pregnancy makes their feet bigger (due to the weight gain and hormones), while others find they suffer from stretch marks, skin changes or a change in their sex drive. Others find they struggle with incontinence, discomfort during sexual intercourse and pelvic organ prolapse.

There are many conditions where the symptoms can be reduced through physiotherapy. Our clinics in Greenwich and Moorgate are the ideal destination for women seeking these types of treatments.

Many women have professional physiotherapy treatments both during and after pregnancy, to help reduce the symptoms of many different conditions, from pelvic floor problems and back pain to bladder issues and vaginal pain.

Whether you want help preparing to give birth or want to help get back into optimal health in the postnatal period, PelviCare can help treat a wide range of conditions.

Our team love helping women regain strength and confidence at all stage of pregnancy.

Along with antenatal and postnatal physiotherapy, our services include scarwork, kinesiotaping (also called also called Kinesio Tex Tape), visceral mobilisation and much more. Services include support and rehabilitation before and after gynaecological surgery

If you’re looking for professional physiotherapy treatments for women in Greenwich or Moorgate, find out more about PelviCare today.