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Searching For A Clinic that Offers Postnatal Physiotherapy?

Once pregnancy is over, you’re rewarded with a tiny person who becomes the centre of your world. while this is an exciting time, many women suffer from postpartum issues such as incontinence, back pain and diastasis recti.

Specialising in women’s health physiotherapy, PelviCare is dedicated to empowering women during and after pregnancy.

We appreciate that being pregnant during the COVID-19 is a particularly difficult experience. It’s much harder to see friends and family and enjoy the emotional support you normally would. The stress can cause extra pressure that worsens certain health problems, such as hair loss, depression and discomfort during sex.

PelviCare offers professional and wholly confidential assessments and can offer a variety of antenatal and postnatal physiotherapy treatments.

We only offer support which is the result of extensive research and is evidence-based. Our team want to help you rebuild your strength and your confidence, so you can enjoy having your new baby as much as possible.

Our postnatal physiotherapy treatments include those for individuals suffering from disorders and problems related to the pelvis area, the pelvic floor, the abdominals and within the OB-GYN sphere. Whatever issues you might be struggling with during the postnatal period, the chances are we can help.

If you need postnatal physiotherapy in Greenwich or Moorgate, don’t forget to find out more about PelviCare today.