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Searching For Experts Pelvic Floor Therapy?

Being pregnant is both an exciting and stressful time for many women. While you’re anticipating the arrival of your little one, it’s possible you’re dealing with all kinds of health issues you’ve never experienced before.

This could be made worse if you’ve been suffering from pelvic floor issues, which are common before and after childbirth. You might have found it difficult to find the help you need in this challenging time. However, there is therapy available to help you deal with these kinds of problems, with many exercises available that can strengthen your pelvic floor.

Post-pregnancy you might be struggling with pelvic pain, urine loss, or a flabby belly, all of which can affect your confidence and are particularly difficult when you’re tired and stressed.

If you’re looking for a supportive team that offer pelvic floor therapy, simply get in touch with PelviCare today.

PelviCare specialises in women’s health physiotherapy and is devoted to empowering women from all kinds of backgrounds. We are based in Greenwich and Moorgate in London and attract women needing pelvic floor therapy from a wide range of locations.

Along with pelvic floor therapy, we offer a range of other treatments that are ideal for pre and post-pregnancy.

If you’re looking for experts in pelvic floor therapy, find out more about PelviCare today. Or simply get in touch with our friendly team, for more information.