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The Benefits Of Antenatal And Postnatal Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a great way to prepare for and recover from giving birth. Physiotherapy exercises can help reduce a wide range of issues, from back pain to pelvic floor issues. Doing regular pelvic floor exercises during pregnancy will help to support your organs and the developing babies. It will also help to maintain continence.

Meanwhile, physiotherapy will help to keep your back flexible and strong. Changes in posture during pregnancy can put strain on your back, but an awareness of posture can make a big difference.

PelviCare welcomes women from across London looking to have antenatal and postnatal physiotherapy.

We can provide exceptional support throughout your journey, ensuring you feel at your best physically and emotionally before and after birth. With our antenatal and physiotherapy treatments you’ll be able to enjoy welcoming your little-one to the world, whilst feeling in great shape.

Our services include Mummy MOTs, a leading postnatal assessment that checks all aspects of your health following birth. Since the NHS don’t usually offer this type of service, it can make all the difference to your experience during the early stages of motherhood.

Our physiotherapists assess the strength and function of your tummy and pelvic floor muscles. We can then tailor a treatment plan to meet your needs.

We’re passionate about women’s health and wellbeing, and offer the latest and best treatments available. Why not check out our testimonials to see what previous clients think?

If you’re interested in antenatal and postnatal physiotherapy, simply contact our team for more information.