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Top Specialists in Women's Health and Physiotherapy in London

Physiotherapy is one of the best ways to prepare for giving birth and recover afterwards. Being pregnant is hard on our body, so you want to do everything to aid your recovery. 

Whilst most of us know about back pain and morning sickness, many women aren’t prepared for other changes pregnancy brings to the body. Some changes are actually positive. Lung function can often actually improve during this time.

However, other changes, like diastasis recti and other musculoskeletal complaints, can affect a woman’s quality of life. That’s the last thing you need when you have a new arrival to care for.

Our physiotherapists work with you to treat many common problems, including those related to the pelvic floor.

Covering many pelvic health and pregnancy related conditions, PelviCare can both diagnose and help treat many issues. We deliver expert physiotherapy sessions designed to treat the exact issues you’re struggling with. 

Whether you’re suffering with problems in the pelvis area, the abdominals or within the OB-GYN sphere, we tailor treatments to reflect your exact needs. Our physiotherapy practices are used to alleviate the symptoms of a range of conditions. 

We offer a range of other services to support women during this special time. Our team also helps women recover fully after childbirth.


If you’re seeking experts in women’s health in London, discover more about PelviCare or contact our team for more information.