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Where Can I Book A Pregnancy Massage Near Me?

As your body carries increasingly more weight during pregnancy, you might experience more tension in your back and hips. Having a professional massage during this time is a great way to reduce the tension and be more comfortable. 

A gentle yet effective form of therapy, massages are brilliant for easing those common discomforts like muscle cramps and myofascial pain.

Massages are a wonderful way to relax both during and after pregnancy, when stress and tiredness can take their toll. It’s an excellent way for mothers to take a break from caring for their newborn.

Massages are one of the many treatments we offer women at our clinic in London. 

Located in Greenwich, PelviCare has expert masseuses who will ensure you’re completely comfortable during the sessions, including supporting you with blankets and towels to keep you warm. 

We use a variety of techniques to support your exact needs and the changes your body is going through during pregnancy. 

PelviCare also delivers scar tissue massages which were originally developed by American practitioner Sharon Wheeler. Designed to mobilise and soften thick scar tissue, it can improve the look and feel of the affected area and reduce associated pain.

If you’re wondering why to book a pregnancy massage near you in Greenwich, find out more about PelviCare today. Or contact us for more information.