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Why A Pregnancy Mot Is Ideal For Expectant Mothers

As women, our bodies can do amazing things, including creating another human being. 

During pregnancy, however, it can come under significant strain. Many ladies experience problems like pelvic floor issues following childbirth, which can knock our confidence and make us feel demoralised at a time when we least need it.

It’s important to take extra care during and after pregnancy to ensure you feel your best. 

Here at PelviCare we deliver both pregnancy and mummy MOTs, which are popular health assessments for the antenatal and postnatal periods. 

A Pregnancy MOT looks at several different factors, including assessing your posture and joints, pelvic floor muscles, and any hip, pelvic, coccyx or back pain. One of our experts can also provide advice on labour and help you prepare your pelvic floor muscles for birth.

This type of service can also involve a perineal massage, which offers numerous benefits, including reducing the risk of tears. 

The perineal tissues are often stretched to their limits during childbirth, leading to tears or the need for an episiotomy. A massage increases the flexibility and elasticity of these tissues, therefore reducing the likelihood of such issues arising. 

We also offer Menopause MOTs to provide first-class support during this period of a woman’s life. 

Discover more reasons to book a Pregnancy or Mummy MOT at our clinic in London. Or get in touch for more information.