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Why Have Physiotherapy Treatments During Pregnancy?

While people talk about women having that ‘special glow’ during pregnancy, it can also cause more unwelcome effects on our body.

Common issues include back pain which can be extremely debilitating, pelvic floor issues and pelvic girdle pain. Since these often aren’t talked about openly, that can make them even more difficult to deal with.

Whether you’re interested in having antenatal or postnatal physiotherapy treatments, PelviCare is keen to support you during this special time. Our safe and effective treatments can relieve the symptoms of many common conditions.

Visit our clinics in Moorgate or Greenwich for excellent support before and after pregnancy.

If you’re having discomfort while carrying your child in your womb, our physiotherapy treatments can help to ease the strain. Our antenatal physiotherapy treatments can also help you prepare to give birth.

We have a team of highly qualified physiotherapists who are used to helping with sensitive issues. Our services are completely confidential and we will keep detailed track records of your recovery from a condition or ailment.

We love supporting women with a range of antenatal and postnatal treatments, including ‘The Mummy MOT’, a postnatal assessment that involves a medical practitioner checking how your posture, pelvic floor muscles and stomach muscles are healing after your baby has arrived.

If you’re interested in physiotherapy treatments during pregnancy, find out more about how PelviCare can help today.