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The Mummy MOT®

What to expect when you visit a Mummy MOT® physiotherapist

Are you not feeling quite like yourself after having your baby? As a mother, it is important to remember that looking after your own health and wellbeing is just as important as looking after your baby’s health. If you are suffering from back pain, aching knees or a looser pelvis, then a Mummy MOT® could be just the treatment to get you looking and feeling more like your old self.

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What exactly is a Mummy MOT®?

The Mummy MOT® is a specialist 90 minutes postnatal examination that is suitable for women who have delivered both vaginally and by C-section. You will undergo a series of postnatal checks and will be asked lots of questions about the delivery of your baby in order to get a better understanding of the effect it has had on your body, and of any concerns you may have.

Checks performed by a Mummy MOT® physiotherapist  will include an examination of your tummy muscles, posture and pelvic floor. Any physical problems that arose following the birth, such as painful knees, back pain, will also be assessed.

The hormonal effects of pregnancy and the physical weight and pressure of the baby resting on your pelvic floor means that these muscles often stretch, become weaker or do not function as well as they should. It is also common to experience abdominal muscle separation – also known as Diastasis Rectus Abdominus (DRA), where your tummy takes on a dome-like appearance as a result of the weakening of your abdominal corset.

After checking the strength of your pelvic floor and checking the space between your tummy muscles to see whether the gap has knitted back together as it should have, you will be talked through a treatment programme of rehabilitation exercises designed around your needs. 

These might include exercises to target and treat weakened pelvic floor muscles, which you will be told exactly how to perform, how long to hold for and how many repetitions and sets to do. It could also include exercises to encourage your tummy muscles to knit back together better and keep them flat and strong, as well as exercises to strengthen parts of your body that would have been put under extra pressure during pregnancy and childbirth, such as your lower back and knees.

Do you really need a Mummy MOT®?

Yes you do! While a Mummy MOT® is not part of a standard post-natal rehabilitation plan here in the UK, in France every new mother will receive the treatment as part of their 6-8 week check-up to address the more common issues faced by after childbirth and to encourage your body to heal properly, but is never too late to book in for your Mummy MOT®. A Mummy MOT® programme can significantly reduce incontinence and pelvic pain at nine months after giving birth - those pains are the result of a weak core and pelvic floor muscles. Strengthening them will help lose your mummy tummy and improve your continence.

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How do you book your Mummy MOT®?

Booking your Mummy MOT® is simple, and the process is absolutely nothing to worry about. All postnatal checks and exercises are safe and specifically designed to address the unique needs of women after childbirth, centred around stability, posture and core strength. Simply click here to book, and get ready to feel more like your old self again.