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Why Should I Get A Pregnancy MOT?

Pregnancy can be a stressful time. Even when everything is going perfectly well, it’s a big responsibility knowing you are carrying a growing baby and it’s easy to feel like you’re not doing things right – even when you probably are. A Pregnancy MOT is the perfect way to take away some of this pressure and offer you the peace-of-mind that everything really is ok or – if it’s not – address any potential problems while they are only minor.

When should I book a Pregnancy MOT?

Pregnancy MOTs can be arranged at any point after your 12-week scan until your due date and will give you lots of knowledge and full prenatal check up: 

Before the birth

Childbirth is completely natural – but doesn’t mean it is easy. A Pregnancy MOT will make sure you are as prepared as you can be. Your body and pelvic alignments will be checked and you’ll also be taught how to perform perineal massage and learn to relax your pelvic floor to hopefully make the birth smoother. Safe and effective exercises to support your abdominal strength will be advised. 

After the birth

Making sure everything is ok in the first few weeks post-childbirth is crucial. This is the time to ensure that your pelvic floor is healing well, you are managing to retrain your bladder and are using your abdominals in the correct way. Not only will this lead to a swifter recovery in general, but it will prevent you from doing any damage by unknowingly doing things incorrectly.

The Mummy MOT logo

The Mummy MOT logo

What to expect during a Pregnancy MOT

There’s absolutely nothing to worry about, or to be embarrassed about when you come for a Pregnancy MOT, but if it’s a treatment you haven’t experienced before then it’s good to know what to expect:

  • Full medical history
  • Alignment assessment
  • Internal and external vaginal assessment of your pelvic floor muscles
  • Pain management support (hip, pelvis, coccyx, back)
  • Preventative post-natal conditions advice
  • Safe pregnancy exercises
  • Perineal self-massage training
  • Labour preparation and advice
  • Postpartum tips
  • Addressing of any pregnancy-related concerns

Should any conditions or pregnancy-related difficulties be flagged up, don’t worry. This is what your Pregnancy MOT was designed for! By learning where your body may show signs of weakness we can address these issues before they become a concern, giving you more confidence to get through the birth and to recover as quickly as possible following it. 

For further information on what to expect during a Pregnancy MOT please click here or get in touch to arrange an appointment or to speak through the service in more detail.