Free Pregnancy Webinar

Join us on Thursday 18th Feburary at 7:30pm via ZOOM

This online workshop is for anyone who is pregnant and would like some support, advice and tips for a healthy pregnancy. 

Hosted by Greenwich Fitness and Pilates, our speakers include:

  • Women's Health Physiotherapist, Magdalena Wisniewska,
  • Osteopath, Karen Lemon, 
  • Nutritional Therapist, Zannie Krogh. 

The workshop will cover:

Magdalena Wisniewska (Women's Health Physiotherapist):
- What is and where is the pelvic floor - why is it important?
- How to do pelvic floor exercises correctly
- How your pelvic floor can help during labour and birth
- How does pregnancy affect your pelvic floor
- Tips to make your pelvic floor happy during pregnancy and after.
Karen Lemon (Osteopath):
- How posture changes in pregnancy
- The effect of hormonal changes on your body
- The cause of pain in pregnancy such as pelvic girdle pain and back pain and how you can help prevent these
- Advice on exercising during pregnancy and other common worries
- Demonstration of exercises to help with aches and pains.
Zannie Krogh (Nutritional Therapist):
- Key nutrients (macro & micro) to consider during pregnancy
- How to support a healthy blood sugar balance and stable energy through pregnancy
- The importance of good gut health during pregnancy
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