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Magdalena is amazing! I highly recommend her. I feel so lucky to be able to have had her support, help and advice and wish every woman would have access to the same. She is so professional, warm and friendly, and full of knowledge and expertise. She has helped me so much with my pelvic floor after the birth of my son. And I always feel comfortable and at ease during our appointments. Thanks so much Magdalena

Magdalena's help was invaluable to me during my third trimester, when I was suffering with terrible hip pain. Her physiotherapy and the exercises she taught me made an immediate difference and helped reduce my pain and increase my sleep in the last few weeks of my pregnancy. Her advice and support were so helpful, and her kindness made me feel so comfortable, that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

I went to Magdalena around 12 months postpartum as I was still struggling with issues from having PGP during pregnancy. She is fantastic - very knowledgeable, kind, and approachable.
She had a huge range of ways to help me get back to normality. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is still struggling after having a baby and who needs very specialised advice that is not available within the NHS.

As soon as I met her I felt Magdalena knew what she was talking about. She is warm, friendly and professional. 
Checking the pelvic floor muscles is such an intimate examination, her reassuring and down to earth approach was perfect. 
She explained everything that was going on down there clearly and in as much detail as I asked for. 
She also gave me some exercises to do at home. 
She even went so far as to write a report on my condition to give to my doctor which I believe will be very helpful in my healing journey. 
Through seeing her I feel I have taken a giant step towards a diagnosis. 
I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who is experiencing pelvic pain. 

I booked in to see Magdalena for the Mummy MOT eight weeks after the birth of my daughter. I was so pleased I did! Magdalena was very thorough and professional and was able to give me useful exercises for my recovery, including separation of my abdominal muscles and massage for my C-section scar. Magdalena also recommended ultrasound treatment for my scar, which worked so well! Would highly recommend booking a visit!

I went to a mummy MOT 6 weeks after the birth of my son and it was incredibly helpful. Magdalena was thorough and professional and an amazing resource for my recovery. I’m so glad I booked in to see her!

I absolutley recommend you going to see Magdalena. She is very professional, informed and thorough. With her assesment, direction and a tailored exercise plan, I am pretty much symptom free. So grateful. She really knows what she is talking about. Thanks Magdalena.

I highly recommend Pelvicare, Magdalena clearly cares about her patients and she listened to my concerns carefully before performing and exam and suggesting exercises. I went to Magdalena due to wanting to learn more about my pelvic floor health during my pregnancy and I will be going to see her once baby is born to continue this work and improve my pelvic floor strength. Thank you.

Magdalena has been amazing in keeping me active and upright during the last 5 weeks of my pregnancy. She is kind, thorough, listens and keeps me calm throughout our sessions. She also really knows her stuff and I feel very safe with her. I was experiencing very painful pelvic girdle and back pain and couldn’t stand or walk very well. Not only has she fully assessed me and relieved the initial pain I was feeling, she also unlocked other muscles that I didn’t even realise were causing me grief. I feel much more ‘human’ after only a few sessions and will continue to see her up until birth and then for recovery. Highly recommend her services!

Magdalena was wonderful and really eased my anxiety around my pelvic floor and posture during pregnancy. She made the the sessions really comfortable for me and patiently took the time to help me learn what exercises and information I should take away, so that my pregnancy and recovery would be as smooth as possible. I am looking forward to going back for my post natal sessions, as I know it will not only give me peace of me mind that a professional has checked my progress, but also a guide to recovery from pregnancy and birth. This is so important for my physical and mental health :)

Magdalena was amazing. Full of knowledge and incredibly supportive. I am 35 weeks pregnant and a bag of nerves after my appointment with her I felt totally empowered and my mind has totally relaxed.
She was very quick to respond to my request and gave me options of appointments via email.
Thank you so so much Magdalena! Look forward to my Mummy MOT xx

Magdalena was excellent. I can't thank her enough. She is very professional, puts you at ease and to my surprise we made the progress I needed in the 5-6 months that we worked together. I highly recommend her. Having strong pelvic floor muscles is not something that is often discussed or mentioned. So I am glad I found someone local to help me better understand my body and improve my mobility when I needed support.

I saw Magdalena for 7 months following the birth of my son in late 2020. I had quite a bad muscular injury and couldn't walk or get in and out of bed without a lot of pain. I couldn't get help with the pain from midwives or doctors but reached out to Magdalena. She came to me a week after my son was born and quite literally helped me get back on my feet in the first couple of months. She relieved a lot of pain over many sessions as I gradually got better and gave me exercises to do at home which also helped. Without her I would have really struggled to remain positive but she made me keep going with her reassurance, friendliness and professionalism in addition to, most importantly, easing my physical pain. 
I had quite unusual problems but I would recommend anyone see Magdalena after they give birth, whether they have an injury like me or not. After I felt better, it was so important and reassuring to have her examine me physically in general. Magdalena made sure I was well enough to continue my usual physical activities like running, which I am now able to do again as she promised! 

I had blocked ducts and the ultrasound by Magdalena made things better almost immediately. I could feel it was better already when feeding baby immediately after treatment. The treatment really surpassed my expectations and I would really strongly recommend it.

Magdalena is very professional and really effective at what she does. She has been absolutely amazing at helping me with diastasis recti, pelvic and lower back discomfort and even carpal tunnel syndrome. Her approach is holistic and has made a huge difference to have her support at the post-natal journey. Many thanks Magdalena and keep up the good work!

My appointment with Magdalena was the best money I spent after having my first baby born cos c section. In the time of COVID & limited face to face support the 90 minute appointment was the best support I received in my postpartum recovery. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

When I met Magdalena I was suffering with a lot of back and shoulder pain and my medication intake had increased a lot. She was recommended by my health insurance as I needed someone near my office in London. On my first meeting she made me feel welcome and listened to my issues and worries.  I felt hopeful that she would be able to help and she assured me that if we worked together I would feel better soon. She worked wonders and has hugely improved my mobility, flexibility and my pain has all but disappeared. If you are looking for someone to get you back on your feet again and out of pain  - I can highly recommend  Magdalena as a first class therapist. I cannot thank her enough for getting me back on my feet again.

Magdalena is very professional. The advises she gave me after the assessment were very helpful. Correcting my posture was the first step to resolving the issue with my back pain. Thank you!

I would really recommend Magdalena, she is very professional, knowledgeable and lovely. She makes you feel comfortable.

Magdalena initially treated me for pelvic incontinence. The treatment was exceptional, far more effective than other physiotherapists I have visited in the past.  She subsequently successfully treated me for a shoulder injury which was the result of a fall. Magdalena is a very talented and professional and also has a very engaging personality. I highly recommend her.

I met with Magdalena today after experiencing troubling symptoms for several years. Her warmth and compassion was so refreshing after being dismissed by other practitioners many times. I would highly recommend her services and am so glad that I visited. Thank you 

Magdalena treated me after giving birth and I strongly recommend her. She is very knowledgeable and I feel I recovered much quicker than I would have done otherwise.

Magdalena helped me keep active and mobile throughout my pregnancy. I had very bad Pelvic Girdle Pain with my first, which basically made me immobile. In my second pregnancy it started again at 28 weeks; I went to Magdalena to try to sort it. In all honesty I had little hope, as I had physio in my first that did nothing. However, Magdalena sorted it; after 3 sessions I was back to being able to walk easily, do my prenatal exercise without any modifications. Will definitely be going to her for my post-natal care!

Magdalena's sessions have been transformative and invaluable after a C section and I cannot recommend her enough. Three sessions of scar tissue massage restored my confidence and connection to my body a year after birth. After the first appointment there was a noticeable physical result, the shape around my scar was changed and I could recognise the line of my body again. Understanding more about the formation of scar tissue in my body and how to help ease it has been so vital in me really feeling like myself again post birth. Magdalena is a very caring practitioner: she really listens to your experience and shares her knowledge in a calm, accessible way that puts you at ease. I highly recommend her to all mothers and am so glad I found her brilliant practice. Thank you so much.

Amazing hands! I suffered from pelvic girdle pain and Magdalena is such a great physiotherapist, in one session only she switched me from not being able to walk to totally pain free. Highly recommend!

I highly recommend PelviCare in Greenwich Market. Magdalena works magic, I have diastasis recti and uterine prolapse and honestly can't describe how much she helped me. She knows all the things post partum and is crème de la crème.

I have nothing but positive things to say about Magdalena and my experience at PelviCare. Magdalena is a skilled clinician and at every visit was warm, welcoming and made me feel like I was in really safe hands. I attended PelviCare as I struggling with pelvic girdle pain and sciatica and was finding even walking really difficult in the last weeks of my pregnancy. My sessions with Magdalena have made an incredible difference to me physically and mentally and I am so glad I found her in time! I will definitely be returning back for my Mummy MOT after the birth of my baby. Thank you!

Magdalena worked with me during my pregnancy when I was having hip pain through to the post natal period after a c section. I have had lots of different pregnancy related ailments including back pain, pelvic floor strengthening and diastis recti as I went through the recovery journey after my second baby. Magda helped in getting me back to full strength again.
The sessions were great and easy to bring along my baby. Since the covid period we have being doing online sessions which are helping greatly. I have already been recommending Magda to all my pregnant and new mum friends.

Magdalena has been amazing with my rehabilitation of Diastasis Recti, DR, (separation of abdominal muscles postpartum causing weak core and mummy tummy pooch). I have been doing an online exercise program to help my DR which has been helpful but Magdalena's expertise really came into play as she has reduced my separation gap between my abs already by altering my posture and giving me some exercises. I will be seeing her again soon.
She is friendly and professional... only wish I found her earlier!

Magdalena’s work was amazing. She took very rigorous notes and kept detailed track of my recovery. She explained everything involved in a muscular level and was available to answer all my many questions. I would highly recommend!

Magdalena is a very talented physio and helped me a lot with my pelvic gridle pain that I still had even 4 months after giving birth. I can only highly recommend her!

I was treated by Magdalena after I had my first child, I was a bit anxious about what treatment would entail but Magdalena made sure I felt comfortable and at ease at all times. I'm delighted to say that she got me back to some kind of normality in the ladies department... then I went and got pregnant again! I've since moved out of London, so won't be able to go back to see her but she has really made me appreciate the value of a woman physio! I will definitely be seeking one out once this baby is born! Thank you again!

Magdalena is fun and professional. We had ten sessions and she is easy to talk to, she explains everything well and if you have any questions you can always ask her. Her services are not limited to pre and post-natal support for women, and she helped to improve my condition.

Magdalena is amazing, professional and friendly! I came to her with prolapse and so many other pains, if you follow her instructions “ homework” you will recover very quick. Thanks to her ,I can care of my little one pain free.

Magdalena was very friendly and knowledgable. Women's pelvic health issues can sometimes feel a bit embarrassing or awkward but I felt totally at ease and relaxed with Magdalena. She helped me a lot after the birth of my son and I recommend her to all my new mum friends. Investing in your pelvic health and addressing any post birth issues is an investment well made!

I am so happy that I decided to book an appointment with Magdalena at PelviCare. I was struggling with the strength of my pelvic floor, to say the least, and I wish I had visited earlier. Magdalena has given me so much more confidence in my pelvic floor by showing me lots of exercises and also psychological tricks to help me space out my visits to the toilet! I would recommend to any woman to have at least one appointment with Magdalena to check on the strength of your pelvic floor even if you think it's currently fine. It's always good to know for the future, espescially if you've had children. I am booking regular check ups with Magdalena.

Magdalena helped me with my ab separation and pelvic floor following the birth of my daughter. She was fantastic. She was honest and realistic in her assessments, as well as gentle and thorough. She gave me manageable exercises for at home and through the process of a number of sessions, I made huge, permanent, progress. As well as helping to strengthen the muscles, I learnt a lot about my pelvic floor and how it operates, leaving me in a much better position heading into any future pregnancies. I would highly recommend Magdalena to anyone struggling with pelvic floor issues as she will help you to work through them and improve the muscles in a way tailored to your specific issues and needs.

Magdalena, thank you again for being such a thorough, caring and competent practitioner. The treatment I had with you made a huge difference to my fibromyalgia, acute neck tension and overall mood. Highly recommended.

Magdalena is great - v professional but also puts you completely at ease. She helped me recover after having my baby

I had an amazing experience at PelviCare. Magdalena is fantastic, great communication and hands on skills. I am feeling so much better. I recommend her to everyone !