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Menopause MOT

Going through the menopause can often be confusing and unsettling for women. But there’s no need to fear the next phase of your life, or let common symptoms dominate your physical and emotional wellbeing during this time.

Our Menopause MOT is comprised of a comprehensive posture, core and pelvic floor assessment which can help to identify any weaknesses in this area. This health check will help to prepare you for life after menopause by giving you the knowledge, tools, and exercises to move forward with confidence, understanding, and above all, lasting compassion for yourself as you enter a new chapter.

The Menopause MOT is offered to women who are either perimenopausal or postmenopausal; so, typically ladies in their forties or fifties. It’s the ideal solution for anyone who is experiencing menopausal or pelvic floor symptoms, and it’s also highly informative for those of you who just want to do what you can to prevent issues from arising in the future.

About the menopause

Did you know that the menopause is actually just one day in your life? The term refers to the date at which you have not had a period for a full 12 months. However, the most significant symptoms usually occur in the period of time leading up to the menopause – the perimenopause. After the menopause itself, you will be considered post-menopausal for the rest of your life, and these symptoms may still persist as you continue to age, if you don’t take steps to address them.

Midlife, and specifically the menopause, can bring many changes to both your physical and mental health due to hormonal and lifestyle challenges.

Your midlife is the time where, due to the demands of looking after a growing family, often alongside a career and aging parents, your health will commonly take a back seat. Niggling problems such as leaking urine, feelings of a prolapse, or painful sex are common at this stage, but will often be considered as things you’ll simply need to put up with.

At PelviCare, however, we do not believe that menopausal symptoms should be left unaddressed. Leaking urine is not normal and can be rectified with the correct exercises and treatments. You can do something about a prolapse. And sex does not have to be painful. All of these issues can be dealt with proactively to ensure they have minimal impact on your lifestyle and do not override your sense of health and wellbeing in later life.

The Menopause MOT

What does our Menopause MOT include?

Our Menopause MOT is a comprehensive women’s health check that includes a thorough assessment with our women’s health specialist. The assessment will cover:
  • A discussion of your medical history, including any symptoms you might be experiencing and lifestyle factors that might influence your health and wellness during and after menopause. We will embark on a more detailed discussion about your pelvic floor, bladder, and bowel function, as well as any issues with sex and any musculoskeletal problems you may be experiencing.
  • An assessment of your lumbar and pelvic movement patterns, as well as an assessment of your core and abdominal muscles.
  • An internal assessment to assess your pelvic floor muscles.
You will leave the Menopause MOT with a wealth of general exercise and lifestyle, as well as information that’s specific to the problems you are experiencing. You will also receive a personalised and highly effective pelvic floor exercise programme that will be based on the findings of your pelvic floor assessment.

What does The Menopause MOT treat?

Pelvic floor dysfunctions such as: 
  • Tightness and weakness of the pelvic floor muscles
  • Pelvic organ prolapse
  • Pain or discomfort during sexual intercourse

Core issues:

  • Separation of the abdominal muscles (a condition known as diastasis recti)

Menopause Pelvic Health Check